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Bulldog Heating & Cooling is Your Go to Heating and Cooling Contractor in King, ON

There are so many heating and cooling contractors in King, ON that it’s very hard to narrow down your choices. Whatever type or brand of HVAC unit you have, our experts have the knowhow and the experience to repair and maintain it. That is clear based on the positive testimonies of our fully satisfied customers, whose number continues to rise. We offer superior heating and air conditioning repair and replacement as well as a range of home comfort options. There is only one company you need to call when your HVAC system stop working and that is Bulldog Heating & Cooling.

Let Bulldog Heating & Cooling Skilled Pros Take a Look at Your Malfunctioning AC Unit in King, Ontario

That’s why you always have to take care of it, especially during the downtime season. If there’s something wrong with the system, you need to have it checked immediately by one of the best heating and cooling contractors in King, Ontario. Call us if your unit shows any of these symptoms:

Very cold – If you adjust the thermostat at a moderate 25 degrees but it still feels like it is at its maximum coldest capacity, there could be an issue with your pump.

Warm air – Your AC unit’s compressor could be defective or its fins might just be dirty.

Trickles – If your AC unit drips water on your wall, it may perhaps just require cleaning, or else there could be a problem in the tubes.

System won’t power on – A blown fuse, a tripped breaker or a malfunctioning thermostat might be the cause.

Call Us for Your Heating and Cooling Concerns in King, ON

Don’t let your family suffer from intense heat or cold because you have a broken heating and air conditioning unit. For professional HVAC service, call us at Bulldog Heating & Cooling in King, ON. We can service any make and model of any type of HVAC equipment. We guarantee quality service at the most convenient time for you and at the most competitive prices. Get in touch with us today for a sample price quotation!

Should You Repair or Replace Your HVAC Unit in King, ON?

You can ensure the high level of performance of your HVAC unit through regular HVAC maintenance. Bulldog Heating & Cooling is the foremost name in the industry. This is simply the equation where you factor in the cost of repair and the age of your unit. If the total doesn’t exceed $5,000, then you are still good to go. Many things can go wrong with your heating and cooling systems that may cause them to malfunction and eventually break down. In most cases, HVAC repair or HVAC maintenance will do. However, there are instances when replacement is necessary, and our HVAC technician will be more than willing to explain why you need your unit replaced.

Customers Trust Bulldog Heating & Cooling for Their Heater Problems in King, ON

Based on our research, you can't be sure you're getting a top-notch HVAC service in King, ON. Otherwise, you and your loved ones could end up shivering all night. By then it was wintertime, and they had to endure chilly days and nights in their homes as their unit had conked out. It is only when every part of the HVAC unit function correctly that the system as a whole can operate at optimum performance and efficiency levels. During the winter months, your heater needs to be in tip-top condition if you don’t like the thought of you and your family shivering inside your own home.

Bulldog Heating & Cooling Knows How to Install and Maintain All Types of HVAC Systems in King, ON

You might end up causing more damage as a result. Instead, call Bulldog Heating & Cooling in King, ON and let us look at your unit. In most cases, we always opt for repair because you can save a lot of money that way. However, in instances where HVAC installation is the only option, we can also take on the job in the most cost-efficient and fastest way possible. Before calling in the professionals, first check the air filter to see if it’s too dirty. We can also professionally install a new heater or a new AC unit in your home regardless of the type of unit you have purchased—whether it’s split type, packaged, or centralized system. We have installed every brand of AC units and heaters on all types of homes. Even the most expensive air conditioning unit won’t function correctly if it is not installed the right way. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of correct AC unit installations.

What Our Team in King, ON Can Do to Help You

We take pride in being one of the most dependable heating and cooling contractors in King, ON. He will also measure the airflow, making sure that it satisfies standard specifications. Let's face it; No one would drive their car a hundred thousand miles without having changed the oil. They are drug tested, and background checked before being employed, and once they’re employed, they are subjected to an ongoing training program to make sure they are conversant with all HVAC systems. We guarantee to send an HVAC technician no matter what time you call. We will thoroughly examine the cause of the AC unit trouble so we can come up with the most logical solution. At Bulldog Heating & Cooling, all our workers are certified and licensed to operate heating and cooling units in Ontario. We take pride in our very transparent services.

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