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Furnace and Heating

We provide 24/7 emergency furnace repairs (all makes), maintenance, furnace installations & replacements, and thermostat installations and service.

Heating and Cooling West End ON

Air Conditioners

We repair all makes of Central Air Conditioners, replace and install top brands of Central Air Conditioners.

Heating and Air Conditioning West End ON

HVAC Systems

We offer a variety of HVAC (Home Comfort Systems) with affordable financing options.

Bulldog Heating & Cooling, Your Provider of Timely Heating and Cooling Contractors in Toronto, ON

Bulldog Heating & Cooling is the choice of many locals when they need urgent heating and cooling contractors in Toronto, ON. Our heating and air conditioning services will not only make your home cozier but will pay you back in savings! This is mainly due to the high standards of service provided by our highly skilled licensed technicians when repairing, installing or providing maintenance service to your HVAC unit. Our team strives to stand out among other companies by ensuring that our cost-effective services are delivered on time. We intend to preserve our reputation by continuing to pursue excellence in the services we render, including the repair, maintenance or installation of all types of HVAC units. There is only one company you need to call when your HVAC system stop working and that is Bulldog Heating & Cooling.

Heating and Air Conditioning in West End ON

We Are Your Best Repair Option When Your AC Unit Conks Out in Toronto, Ontario

During the peak of summer, you need your cooling system to make life bearable inside your home. Call your most trusted heating and cooling contractors in Toronto, Ontario at the first sign of trouble so you can avoid spending too much on repairs. Call our heating and cooling contractors in Toronto, Ontario if you happen to encounter any of these problems:

West End Ontario Heating and Cooling

Outside Fan Malfunctioning – This could result to your AC overheating or cause damage to your compressor, which is going to be very expensive to repair.

Copper Coil is Always Frozen – The air backflow might be blocked, or the air filter may be dirty. Nevertheless, the problem needs to be traced.

Leaky Refrigerant – Freon can be toxic if you don’t know what you are doing. It’s odorless but deadly when it gets into your lungs. Allow professionals to change your refrigerant in case of a leak, or if your AC unit is not producing cold air anymore.

Constant Tripping - You might have a fire hazard on your hands. The wiring may not be sufficient to hold the voltage. Bad wiring is the most common cause of a fire involving the AC.

Compressor Stops Running – The start capacitor could be the culprit or disconnected wiring. There’s also a big possibility that your compressor sustained damage. You may need to replace it with a new one.

West End ON HVAC

Call Today for an Effective Heating and Cooling System Service in Toronto, ON

Give us a call at Bulldog Heating & Cooling in Toronto, ON for any HVAC service you need—whether repair, maintenance or installation of any type of heating and air conditioning units. All our works come with a warranty to assure your peace of mind. We provide our HVAC service services all year round. But why suffer when you can get in touch with our experts at Bulldog Heating & Cooling in Toronto, ON? Call us today for a quotation!

Bulldog Heating & Cooling Knows How to Install and Maintain All Types of HVAC Systems in Toronto, ON

We at Bulldog Heating & Cooling can provide HVAC installation service in Toronto, ON if you are replacing your system with a new one. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of correct AC unit installations. Routine HVAC maintenance helps prevent expensive repairs and make your HVAC unit energy efficient. In case you need an air conditioner replacement, we are also the best company to contact. If you're replacing your HVAC unit with a new one in Toronto, ON, we do installations as well. And if the installation is not done right, a problem could arise that could later lead to more repairs and more expenses for you.

Bulldog Heating & Cooling Will Make Sure You Have a Warm Winter in Toronto, ON

The only way to know for sure is to call Bulldog Heating & Cooling in Toronto, ON so we have the unit inspected. Call us immediately when your unit is showing warning signs that signal a need for servicing or repair. Only entrust your unit to professionals for accurate diagnosis and repair. We’ll make sure your machine will hum back to life and generate just the right amount of heat in your home amid the freezing weather outside. The warning signs include your machine’s inability to generate sufficient heat, strange noises, and faulty thermostat. Before winter sets in, you need to check your heater to see if it is in good working condition.

Our Experts Can Efficiently Service Your HVAC Unit in Toronto, ON

Bulldog Heating & Cooling is home to well-trained technicians who are adept in diagnosing units and providing an HVAC repair or tune-up. Many things can go wrong with your heating and cooling systems that may cause them to malfunction and eventually break down. When your home’s heating and cooling systems start to show signs of an impending breakdown, don’t wait for disaster to strike before taking action. It's a nearly impossible task for regular people to service the HVAC system on their own, as many things need to be considered and only a professional can handle it. Fortunately, we have the best heating and cooling contractors in the business to provide you with the excellent service you deserve. Let our specialists handle you concerns right away. When you choose us to service you in Toronto, ON, we'll provide you with a free consultation to help you choose one of our services based on your needs.

What Can You Expect from Our Service in Toronto, ON

It can be overwhelming if this is your first time looking for heating and cooling contractors in Toronto, ON. We have the knowledge and experience to install your new HVAC system correctly and quickly, and we'll always provide a reasonable price if you need a replacement. We are the number one choice of locals for HVAC installation service because all of our technicians at Bulldog Heating & Cooling have trained for years to set up AC unit wires and ducts the right way. You can expect our technicians to respond immediately when you book our HVAC repair, HVAC installation and HVAC maintenance services. Then they have to pass the test given by the government. We provide a range of heating and air conditioning services like HVAC maintenance, HVAC installation and HVAC repair. Even better, our HVAC experts will thoroughly inspect your home and the current HVAC unit. Ideally, we back our work up with a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, so call today and schedule an appointment.

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